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29 Days: Positivity Takes Work

Were I not on a positivity power, fake-it-til-I-make-it, determined self-improvement program, I might post my disappointment in the fact that it has been cold, drizzly, blustery, gray, and very Monday-ish all day today. And were I less committed to my look-on-the-bright-side campaign, I might also post my frustration that my work laptop has been fritzing for days and the promised replacement was not delivered on Friday as planned. 

But I am committed to this positivity sea-change, so I’m not going to dwell on those dismal details. Instead, I’m going to share three really good OTGs for today, knowing the day is only half over and bound to have even more good things in store:

  1. Today is my beloved’s birthday and in her honor I have worn her favorite color: pink. Because I finally felt well enough to bother with it, I selected a pink and grey striped bow tie to wear with a light pink dress shirt and black vest. She said I look dapper and she was happy I wore her color on her day. Style points. Butch points. Win-win!
  2. I had two quick, productive meetings this morning that accomplished their purposes and left me with zero to-dos. Fast and productive and no actions for me!? Trifecta!!
  3. I successfully delegated tasks to my team that were appropriate to be delegated and did not engender resentment for the delegation. This skill is a challenge for me. I am not against delegation, but I find it difficult to add to my team’s burden when I know I am capable of completing the task. Yet, if I don’t let them try new things, how will they develop new skills? Too, I am an expensive resource, comparatively, so I’m not always the best choice (which hurts to admit), even if I am capable. This executive-ing, like adult-ing, is hard sometimes. But it’s a great thing when it works!

It feels good to be able to see the good stuff, even on a cold, gray Monday. I hope your day, too,  is full of good stuff that you can appreciate. 

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