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Nice Things

It’s Spring, that fleeting period of bliss when the temps are balmy, the Earth is being renewed in green and bright blossoms, and allergens (at least most of the ones I suffer from) and pests are not yet at their most annoying. There’s more light in each day and hope on the horizon in the form of pending vacation plans and the summer schedule for fun movies.

Someone I shared an elevator with yesterday commented, when asked how he was doing, that he’d be glad when it was Fall. I figured it was allergy-related, but no, he said he just didn’t like Spring. Seeing me flabbergasted by that, he asked what I liked about it.

“Hope”, I said. “Spring has always represented hopefulness and renewal for me. The greening of the Earth, the birth of new creatures and plants, the prelude and build-up to long, warm days and vacation season and visits to old friends and new places. What’s not to love about Spring?”

He didn’t have an answer, just wished me a good day and went on his way.

I still can’t fathom what there is to dislike about Spring. But…to each their own, I guess. For me, I intend to enjoy these few days of temperate bliss, including the heavenly scent of the blossoms in my pear trees, the cheerful songs of the birds returning to the treetops, and the bright colors of tulips and other spring blooms. Yesterday after work, I sat in the (somewhat rusty) glider on my front patio and ate my dinner under a thick bower of fresh pear blossoms and the vault of blue skies before twilight. The robins and wrens and pigeons and cardinals serenaded me and the slight breeze set the spring leaves a flutter. It was a perfect few minutes of peace.

These are all nice things for which I’m thankful and from which I derive great joy. I hope you find plenty, in this season and always, to enjoy and be thankful for.


It’s finally here! There have been three straight days of sunshine and warm breezes. My grass is all green and had it’s first cutting of the season. My pear trees are in bloom and the tulips have begun to open. I’m so happy!


Ugh…totally failing on the post-a-week goal. But on the bright side, Spring has arrived and my SIL’s tulips have bloomed. So have my pear trees, creating a lovely fragrance in my front yard, along with a huge ‘snow’ of blossom petals. Here’s a collage from Easter, when they were at their peak. 

I hope you’re having a lovely Spring!

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