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29 Days

Last week I published my first real blog post in about six months. It felt good to finally break the block of angst that’s been keeping me from posting, even if the topic was a little gloomy. I want to re-start my blogging habit and get back on the positivity track. I’m weary of angst and struggle and all the other downer topics. 

2016 is not only a new year, fresh start and all that, but also a Leap Year. So, I’m going to latch onto those odd 29 days and use them as a springboard back to writing, back to thinking positive and re-framing, back to looking up and forward and out. 

I’m committing to myself to (1) find at least one positive or joyous or uplifting thing; and (2) post at least one sentence about at least that one positive thing, in every day of February. And, because this is a re-hab exercise of sorts, and it’s still deep winter where I live, I’m going to treat very liberally what counts as one-positive-thing. For example, I ‘d count “I successfully avoided murdering anyone today” as a positive achievement…and a miracle. 😉

Want to join the positivity party? Feel free to post a link to your blog in the comments and I’ll do my best to signal boost for you as we progress through the challenge. I’d appreciate the same from you, too. 

Whats left of January and the first week of February will be bursting with business commitments and travel, for me. But I’m gonna try this. I hope you’ll join me in the daily hunt for positivity. 

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