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Ugh…totally failing on the post-a-week goal. But on the bright side, Spring has arrived and my SIL’s tulips have bloomed. So have my pear trees, creating a lovely fragrance in my front yard, along with a huge ‘snow’ of blossom petals. Here’s a collage from Easter, when they were at their peak. 

I hope you’re having a lovely Spring!


29 Days: Lazy Saturday 

Well, I didn’t spend the whole day in my pjs. 

Had a slow start, spent some time watching tv, and then dressed & went to the shop for a few minutes before going with my brother and sister in law to our monthly supper club. We have a group of art friends that we get together with once a month. We rotate picking the restaurant.  It’s usually really fun and the food is usually an adventure. 

Tonight was fun. The conversation was interesting and non-controversial. That’s good, especially since there are elections coming up and a few of our number are vocal, nay, rabid when discussing politics. We had a nice meal, good visit and enjoyed each other’s company. A fine Saturday all around–one very good thing. 

29 Days: Movie Star

So this just happened:  Came back to my office to find HR and a camera crew waiting for me. Before I could panic, the HR rep smiled and said they were shooting clips for an employee engagement video for our upcoming all-employee meeting and they wanted to include me. Scary, yet oddly flattering. 

Everyone set up, hooked me up with a mic and started with some mild silliness. Rapid fire questions and no small amount of giggling by both me and HR’s “secret agent” ensued. I got to talk about my job, yes, but also about movies, my BB8 droid on my desk, and bow ties! Awesome!

I was nervous at first, but everyone was nice, patient, and funny. The whole thing turned out fun. I hope it is still fun after it’s seen by the whole company next month and not a total cringe-fest. Yikes! 😳

29 Days: Matchy-Matchy

Was a decent day. Really busy and, at times, a challenge to my patience. But overall, professionally satisfying. 

One of the best things about today was that I wore a new bow tie that I got for Christmas and have been trying to decide what to wear it with. It’s orange with navy and white polka dots. Cool, but a challenge to coordinate with a fairly conservative dress shirt and sweater/vest wardrobe. 

So I threw caution to the winds and decided to go full quirk. Added the loud bow tie to a white shirt with black checks, black cotton knit vest, faded jeans (natch), and my orange Polo dock-siders, cuz they match. My blue and cream chevron striped socks do not match, because I’m rebellious like that. 

In prose it sounds hideous. Lulu assures me that the look is dapper and I don’t look like a clown. I feel good, so I’m not fussed about the matchy-matchy (or lack there of). What do you think?


29 Days: Top 5

Today was a very long day. It was full of fast-paced decisions, on-the-spot demands, and unexpected executive pinch-hitting. I acquitted myself well and am satisfied with the outcome. Professional satisfaction is a good thing about today. 

But another good thing about today was an unexpected non-work discussion with a work friend I only get to see in person once a year or so. A few years ago we were joking with each other and, to razz her a bit, I responded to her completely irrational attack on the merits of Fleetwood Mac’s music by vowing Stevie Nicks to be the world’s best singer. My friend reminded me of that silliness today. After disabusing her of the idea that I really meant what I’d said (she’s one of the greats, but not the greatest), we debated our choices for our personal top 5 favorite female singers. All jokes aside, I like where I landed. My choices are all about voice, not looks, writing talent, band, or off-stage personality. Just who’s voice do I like to listen to? Here’s my list:

  1. Madonna 
  2. kd lang
  3. Sarah McLachlan
  4. Stevie Nicks
  5. Patsy Cline

Who’s on your list?

29 Days: Positivity Takes Work

Were I not on a positivity power, fake-it-til-I-make-it, determined self-improvement program, I might post my disappointment in the fact that it has been cold, drizzly, blustery, gray, and very Monday-ish all day today. And were I less committed to my look-on-the-bright-side campaign, I might also post my frustration that my work laptop has been fritzing for days and the promised replacement was not delivered on Friday as planned. 

But I am committed to this positivity sea-change, so I’m not going to dwell on those dismal details. Instead, I’m going to share three really good OTGs for today, knowing the day is only half over and bound to have even more good things in store:

  1. Today is my beloved’s birthday and in her honor I have worn her favorite color: pink. Because I finally felt well enough to bother with it, I selected a pink and grey striped bow tie to wear with a light pink dress shirt and black vest. She said I look dapper and she was happy I wore her color on her day. Style points. Butch points. Win-win!
  2. I had two quick, productive meetings this morning that accomplished their purposes and left me with zero to-dos. Fast and productive and no actions for me!? Trifecta!!
  3. I successfully delegated tasks to my team that were appropriate to be delegated and did not engender resentment for the delegation. This skill is a challenge for me. I am not against delegation, but I find it difficult to add to my team’s burden when I know I am capable of completing the task. Yet, if I don’t let them try new things, how will they develop new skills? Too, I am an expensive resource, comparatively, so I’m not always the best choice (which hurts to admit), even if I am capable. This executive-ing, like adult-ing, is hard sometimes. But it’s a great thing when it works!

It feels good to be able to see the good stuff, even on a cold, gray Monday. I hope your day, too,  is full of good stuff that you can appreciate. 

29 Days: Two for One 

So I’ve fallen into a habit of extreme relaxation on the weekends. Not gonna lie: I am enjoying the sleep and laziness. But it seems to also result in missing posts on Saturday. So here are two OGTs for this weekend, one for yesterday and one for today:

Saturday:  My hair had reached the I-can’t-stand-it-one-more-minute length. Unruly, sticking up in odd places, and making my neck itch…it had to go. But by the time I got to my usual place, it was closed. So I took a flier on the dude place around the corner. Best haircut experience I’ve ever had. Nice stylist. Head & neck massage while being shampooed. Tingly shampoo and nice-smelling pomade. Love the freshly cut feeling. A great haircut is one very good thing in any day. 

Sunday:  I love my DVR. I don’t get to watch tv much during the week. I like being able to record shows I like and watch several in the time it takes to watch one live. Skipping commercials is the jam! I despise the intelligence-insulting, gross-out, sexist and absurd ads that pervade today’s tv. But I can fast forward through them at 6x speed and compress watching a show into about a third of the standard runtime. I love that. TV watching may be a time sink, but I like the ability to turn off the stress from a demanding job and yet feel like I’m still engaged in something. Relaxing on the weekend with a few episodes of a favorite show is one good thing in my book. 

29 Days: Thankful

Friday is winding down and the weekend is about to begin. I’ve had another personally and professionally satisfying day. I have no responsibilities for the next couple of days. Monday is not yet over-booked with meetings. No one is waiting on anything from me. In short…Dobby is a free elf for the next 48+ hours!

And, also, plus…the sun is shining and it’s still warm and I didn’t even have to wear a coat today. 

I’m thankful there are so many reasons to feel content today. And thankfulness is one very good thing. 

29 Days: Warming 

Thought I posted this yesterday…

Today was a good day. First day since I came home from Miami that I felt well, had my voice and didn’t hack up a lung all day. Also, we’re having one of those winter warming spells, and the temp climbed into the 40sF! Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, yay! I’m not fooled, I know winter isn’t over. But have a warm snap in February is one very good thing! 😎☀️👍🏻

29 Days: Low Key 

I had today off. It was nice to have a slow Monday. I spent the morning being lazy, watching old westerns with my brother and sister-in-law. I don’t normally like westerns, but it wasn’t bad. The best thing was just getting to spend time at home with people I love. A low-key kind of day. That’s a very good thing. 

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