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Thankful for…the information superhighway

Let’s face it. There are a lot of things about the Internet to loathe or be disgusted with. But there’s so much good to be had here, too. For me, our online world is a huge blessing.

The Internet offers easy access to information that’s difficult, time consuming, and in some cases, impossible to find by traditional means. And, just as with traditional information sources, there are varying degrees of information quality and fidelity. But the speed at which you can access solid information and the breadth and depth of topics on which info is available, is astounding!

Then there’s the entertainment factor. Games, discussion groups, videos, music, literature…you name it and it’s likely available within a few clicks. News of the weird, silky games, fun and quirky home movies, a pass-time for practically everyone can be found in nearly every corner of the ‘net.

And, where would I be personally without the social media options available online? I certainly wouldn’t have found the love of my life or the amazing community that has welcomed me this year. And I wouldn’t have this amazing outlet for stress, fear and uncertainty that this blog has become. Not without the Internet and blogs and Twitter and Facebook. And without Skype, with which I have a love-hate relationship, I’d still be one sad and lonely butch!

Today I’m thankful for the communication technology and devices which make connecting to each other possible and easy. I’m grateful for the social media gods who put me in the path of my love. And, I’m thankful for the relationships that the Internet and it’s related communication technology makes possible.

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