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After months of grueling work, high stress and anxiety, sleepless nights and even a few ridiculous panic attacks, tomorrow begins the trial. This case should have been so straight forward and resolved in a matter of days after the circuit court ruling nearly two years ago narrowed the issues to essentially one. It was a contract claim, for frick sake! It shouldn’t have taken this much time, effort, energy and head space. But old, greedy, white dudes with nothing better to do than to make trouble, and here we are.

I’m going to be at the counsel table with our outside counsel. I’m supposed to be observing and an available resource to counsel for contract-specific details. In other words, I’m the living database for our case.

No pressure.

Actually, I’m ok with it. I’ve devoted so much of my time and endured so much stress in this thing that I’d feel cheated not to be on hand to watch it play out. But that doesn’t stop the nerves. I’m sure I’ll be fine as soon as it starts. As with so many things in life, it’s the anticipation that’s the killer.

And on the plus side – I will probably wear one or both of my custom suits during this circus.

Probably won’t hear from me again before it’s all over. All the good vibes, good wishes, crossed fingers, and positive energy you can spare for me is much appreciated.

Thankful for…my crew

I don’t talk about my job all that much, other than the occasional grumble about bone-headed sales guys and the odd mention of the stress I feel sometimes. But I have mentioned that I’m an in-house attorney for a software company and that I really love my job.

One of the things that makes it great is the fact that I work with great people. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful staff of skilled, smart, hard-working lawyers, paralegals and administrators. They are an amazing team. Together, the ten of us handle all customer-facing legal matters for the company’s operations in the Western Hemisphere. Mine is a billion dollar plus company, so that’s a LOT of business!

Without the hard work and dedication of my team, neither I nor my company could survive for long in this business. They do all manner of small miracles and favors and magic tricks to get the work of multitudes done by just a handful of folks and in a time-frame that is mind-boggling in the context of the amount of work performed.

The cool thing is that they all have a positive attitude and a get-it-done mentality. Though they definitely feel the pressure and occasionally snap at a sales guy or three, they like their jobs and do them well. They like each other, work hard and look out for the company’s interests. They are a cohesive unit and are engaged, enjoying (mostly) what they do. As a manager, I can’t ask for more than that. They inspire my admiration and respect every day.

I’m grateful today for the help and camaraderie of a fabulous team of great people.

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