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29 Days: Top 5

Today was a very long day. It was full of fast-paced decisions, on-the-spot demands, and unexpected executive pinch-hitting. I acquitted myself well and am satisfied with the outcome. Professional satisfaction is a good thing about today. 

But another good thing about today was an unexpected non-work discussion with a work friend I only get to see in person once a year or so. A few years ago we were joking with each other and, to razz her a bit, I responded to her completely irrational attack on the merits of Fleetwood Mac’s music by vowing Stevie Nicks to be the world’s best singer. My friend reminded me of that silliness today. After disabusing her of the idea that I really meant what I’d said (she’s one of the greats, but not the greatest), we debated our choices for our personal top 5 favorite female singers. All jokes aside, I like where I landed. My choices are all about voice, not looks, writing talent, band, or off-stage personality. Just who’s voice do I like to listen to? Here’s my list:

  1. Madonna 
  2. kd lang
  3. Sarah McLachlan
  4. Stevie Nicks
  5. Patsy Cline

Who’s on your list?

29 Days: More Good Things

  1. Today was warm again, with cheerful sunshine and birdsong.
  2. I did a lot of hard, important, smart, deeply substantive, executive level lawyering today. 
  3. Some really smart, high-powered attorneys from some of the most sophisticated, white-shoe national law firms treated me with respect and deference while working together on the things in #2 above. A validating, gratifying experience. 
  4. Further progress toward getting back to 100% after the nasty cold I picked up while traveling. Glad to have my voice and my brain back. 
  5. Leaving the office at a reasonable time and before full dark for the fifth working day in a row. Feels so good!

Many One Good Things for today, for which I am grateful. 

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