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Me, in 3 socks

I love socks. The wilder the better. Bonus if they clash with my outfit. It’s my tiny rebellion against all the rules I live within.  A couple years ago, I stumbled on ‘statement socks’ and my fashion life was changed forever. 

Although I don’t believe a person can be 100% encapsulated by a few glib words, whether or not they’re written on socks, I think these three do a pretty good job of describing me in three quick words:

Ok, so “Jedi” is more aspirational at this point than I like to admit, but still a part of me. “Geek Butch” is my band name and spirit animal all in one. 

The fun thing about these socks is that I’m the only one who knows when I’m wearing them and they give me this secret boost, like a super power. Underneath my sharply creased jeans or chinos and button-down shirt with bow tie, there’s this secret message, like an altar ego, like Clark Kent’s “S” on his chest. And, at the end of the day when I pull them off my feet, there’s a faint outline of the word pressed into my skin from the different weave where the letters are. For a fleeting few minutes, I not only am feeling fine in my own skin, but my own skin names me perfectly. 

So…yay for goofy socks and finding philosophical meaning in textiles no one but me gets to see. 

I hope you have a great week ahead and find a little whimsy to spice up your imagination. 

Thankful for…whimsy

I have a secret. There’s a side to my life that I don’t let show. I keep it hidden from the world at large and the secrecy itself gives it it’s value. It’s a secret rebellion that gives me a secret joy. But it’s time to confess:

I don’t match my socks.

Now, that may not seem such a huge revelation. But believe me, coming from such a linear-thinking, rule-following, conservative attorney-type person, mismatched socks is a significant dissonance. But let me be clear. When I say mis-matched, I mean my socks intentionally clash with my outfit of the day. But both clashing socks match each other…let’s not get crazy. 🙂

I like bright colors, stripes, crazy patterns, even words. I’ve even got some knee-length socks with funny sayings on them. Anything that injects a little levity into an outfit. And the clashier the better!

This kink in my fashion sense has really shown itself in some of the #battleofthesocks posts I’ve played in on Twitter. Some favorite pics of my more extreme examples from the Twitter battles are below for your groaning enjoyment.

It’s a tiny rebellion, just a means to keep a degree of control in my life when it so often seems like control exists outside of myself. This quirk brings a dollop of whimsy into a stressful life. And it relieves the severity that often comes with a staid, “professional” wardrobe. It’s just a bit of fun.

I’m thankful for a little weirdness, a bit of whimsy in my day.





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